Araknitek, Inc. is a Utah State University "spin-out" company created to commercialize products that emerge from scientific investigations of synthetic spider silk proteins. The company has secured licenses to a broad portfolio of intellectual property based on and related to synthetic spider silk technology. In its initial business development efforts, Araknitek wil provide bulk quantities of synthetic spider silk protein and access to proprietary production processes to its customers with licenses to make and sell market specific materials, devices or goods. Araknitek is a Delaware corporation with leadership provided by experienced USU Commercial Enterprise executives.

Man holding a spider

In The News
Prof Randy Lewis shows Adam Rutherford genetically modified goats at a farm at Utah State University, US, which produce large quantities of a spider silk that is among the strongest substances known to man.

The transplanted gene means the goat produce milk containing an extra protein, which is extracted and spun into spider silk thread.

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